Hurricanes Sports Bar 9/29/18

The Kurt Loders played a long set at Hurricanes Sports Bar Sept. 29. We were worries about having to compete with college football, but luckily LSU was trouncing Ole Miss so we got to start right at 10 p.m.

Matt was having some technical problems during the first song, but got it sorted out during the second song. A bad instrument cable was not sending sound to his stage rig. Steven and Matt were able to get through the first song without missing a beat. Luckily Matt had a spare cable and was able to swap it in.

We threw a few new songs into the mix including Bulls on Parade and Hey Man Nice Shot. Hopefully Audrey can pick those back up when she returns to New Orleans in a few weeks.

This was the first show where official Kurt Loders merchandise was available. Mike has been working on t-shirts for a few weeks and this was the first show where they were ready. Thanks to Michelle for running the merch table for us.

See you all in Hammond in a few weeks.

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