Gig report update 8.12.19

Our webmaster has been busy with “adulting” and has not been posting gig reports.

Some highlights of this year include:

  • 4 nights in Hot Springs Arkansas. The Kurt Loders hit the road and brought the grunge to our neighbors to the north. We want to thank the Big Chill and staff for hosting us and our friends in the area who let us crash in their homes. As always we want to thank everyone who came out to the shows.
  • House of Blues with Nirvanna: We love to play the House of Blues New Orleans and had a great show Aug. 9 with the best tribute band we know, Nirvanna. It was a great set and an even better crowd.
  • Coscino’s: Super Fan Matt had a birthday bash in Mandeville and we play a two hour set for the ultimate Krewe de Kurt.
  • Gasa Gasa: We played with Parole Violation in May at Gasa Gasa. Always good to play a show with a new band. They are talented musicians and song writers. Go check ’em out.
  • Melius: Our favorite watering hole. What can we say? We’ve never had a bad show there and the staff and crowd is fantastic
  • Smitty’s: It’s Kenner Brah! Come on. They love the grunge and we love them.

Stay tuned for more gigs and upcoming shows from the most punctual band in New Orleans.

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