The group that would become The Kurt Loders first met in November of 2015 after responding to some Craiglist ads. Jeff had recently relocated to New Orleans and sought out like minded individuals who wanted to get grungy. Carlos and Audrey joined Jeff and started hitting open mic nights performing acoustic covers of Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and more.

In early 2016 Carlos moved away from New Orleans, but the band found Matt, a bassist, through Craigslist. After a few rehearsals Jeff, Audrey, and Matt got out to hit the open mics. The first one they went to, at Buffa’s Bar in New Orleans, they played Alice, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam. They were followed by Craig who rounded out the Seattle sound when he played Soundgarden for his first song. Craig joined them at another open mic across town that night where they all hit it off. Now there were four.

A week later the group went to play the open mic at the Neutral Ground Coffee Shop. Audrey had found a drummer through Craigslist and he was coming to check out the group. Everyone clicked and the band was born.

The Kurt Loders started playing in the greater New Orleans area until Jeff had to relocate. Luckily at Jeff’s last show, The House of Blues in New Orleans in August of 2017, a guitarist named Mike was there. He contacted the band the next day and became a Loder.

Through a lot of luck the band has been fortunate to find talented, professional musicians who love to play music anywhere from a local watering hole to a packed venue. For us it is all about having a good grungy time.

The Kurt Loders are:

  • Audrey (lead vocals): The face of the band, besides Mr. Loder. She has great stage presence and a wide vocal range. While not a native of New Orleans she loves everything the city has to offer.
  • Craig (vocals, rhythm guitar): Craig is the musical director for the band. When not riffing with the Kurt Loders, Craig offers services a music teacher and is a member of the Fat City Drum Corps.
  • Mike (lead guitar): Mike is a native of New Orleans and grew up playing around town. He also serves as the sound tech for the band. Besides his duties with the Loders he also plays with Peel, an originals band, and Laveaux.
  • Rocky (bass and guitar): Rocky is our versatile player who mainly plays bass but knows his way around the six string too. Rocky and Mike share the stage in Peel and Laveaux.

Friends of the band:

  • Scott (drums): Scott is our longtime fill in on drums and has great feel, time and a sense of humor. He, like Craig, is a member of the Fat City Drum Corps.
  • Matt (bass): Founding member of the Kurt Loders, Matt stepped back in late 2021 to allow the band to continue moving onward and upward with a more active gigging schedule.
  • Stephen (drums): The man, the legend, OG time keeper of the Loders.Stephen’s career has limited his time to play with the band, but he is able to get out and play, don’t miss it.

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