Gig Reports

NOLA House of Blues 8/24/18

The Kurt Loders opened for Thunderstruck (an AC/DC tribute band) at the New Orleans House of Blues to a sold out crowd. The show went great. We opened with “Would” by Alice in Chains and closed with “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine. Audrey was throwing cups and beads and Craig even […]

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Coscino’s 7/19/18

We had a sneak attack at the open mic at Coscino’s Italian Grill last night in Mandeville. Due to some scheduling conflicts only Audrey, Craig, and Matt could make it out, but they still brought the grunge. What started out as three unplugged songs turned into about an hour of the Loders playing. We jammed […]

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NOLA House of Blues 5/26/18

We opened for Nirvanna again. Those guys are alright and we always look forward to playing with them. Also, we played with Rise Against the Machine, a Rage tribute band. Due to some communication errors our set time was to to 35 minutes and had our set time pushed up 15 minutes. The only bad […]

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